Make working with multiple Explorer windows a breeze using

Easy Explorer

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Filter files on the fly as you browse your folders.   Regular expressions filters are supported. Search for files using multiple search patterns easily. Regular expressions support makes complex searches possible. Persistent columns, DICOM image previews, and intuitive bookmarks increases your efficiency and productivity.
Watch how you can access your frequently used folders with just a single click. Arrange your Explorer windows however you want, save them as layouts, and restore each layout easily. You no longer need to keep multiple Windows Explorer windows open to access your favorite folders.
Watch how Easy Explorer displays only the files you want to see using filters. Multiple filters can be used simultaneously.
Watch how searching for files in Easy Explorer is made simple.  Just enter one or more words to search for in the Search editor. You can also use regular expressions to search for your files.
Persistent columns and sort order, DICOM previews, and advanced bookmarks.  Watch how Easy Explorer makes it easy to increase your efficiency and productivity with these features.
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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 DAY VISIT THE STORE Drop stacks make it easy to repeatedly copy files from different folders to multiple folders.
Watch how to copy files from different folders to multiple folders fast using the drop stack. Drop stacks also help you easily copy the latest versions of files to your other folders.
Create layouts to organize your Explorer windows to suit your requirements.
The bookmarks bar makes it easy to create and use bookmarks on any Explorer window.
Watch how to use the bookmarks bar to quickly create bookmarks to your most frequently used folders.